Five reasons why would one like to become a marketing manager

27.05.2015. | Kategorija: News

Marketing is a managerial relationship between products, services and the end consumer, while the marketing manager is the key person in all marketing and sales processes.

Marketing is a managerial process through which services and products are transformed from a concept to product. It is the science of creating and keeping customers, and its sole purpose is to overcome the empty space between the manufacturers and consumers. The general public observe marketing as “creative invention of advertising”, while in reality; creativity is just one part of that process. In between one can found different types of researches, mathematics, statistics, testing, sociology, (neuro)psychology and other disciplines.  Also the relationships with clients, message delivering, analysis and budget management.  All these tasks are performed by the marketing manager.  Below we bring you five attractive reasons why would one decide on a career in marketing and would like to become the marketing manager, the benefits this title and work in that profession bring along.

  1. 1.      Marketing is an essential part of every business

The products do not sell by themselves. There is no business in which services and products are not communicated towards the consumers. Even if a business does not have any marketing activities and function exclusively on the “recommendation”, this still belongs to the marketing domain (word of mouth marketing). What does it mean for you? It is very simple – as long as there are business and economy, there will be jobs for marketing managers!

  1. 2.      Marketing offers wide spectrum of knowledge and skills

People who study marketing do not learn only about selling products and approaches to market, but also about finance, accounting, management, resource management, market research, presentation skills and products promotion. The diversity of knowledge gained by studying marketing multiplies the opportunities to an individual to build a career in many different economic areas.

  1. 3.      Marketing jobs with (bright) future

The Irish economy, for example, expects that by 2020 will be created more than 150,000 jobs just in the field of digital marketing. At the same time, it is expected that the number of qualified people in that area will be much smaller. The law of supply and demand will create excellent conditions for marketing managers. Apart from Ireland, the search for quality marketing staff continues around the world.

  1. 4.      The marketing employees have large salaries

In all studies about current and future best paid jobs, marketing managers are positioned very high. Together with IT experts, consultants and investment bankers, marketing managers are paid on average higher incomes than the average employee in the respective countries, even in the countries that can not boast with high GDP (such as Croatia).

  1. 5.      Marketing experience can be applied in many areas

It is not so uncommon for the marketing managers to move on to some other professions. The experience and knowledge that they gain through marketing training, from analytical observation of the markets to communication skills, make them eligible for many jobs. Every day we witness new openings and new opportunities for marketing managers, in the same business as well as in other areas. The best example of that is digital marketing where there is rapidly growing need for the broad spectrum of knowledge of marketing managers.



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