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03.12.2013. | Kategorija: Strategy and development

Zagreb School of Business was established in 2006 by the Open Public University Zagreb (POUZ), which is the largest adult educational and cultural institution in Croatia with a tradition and reputation nurtured for more than 100 years. Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of Republic of Croatia has issued a work permit for Zagreb School of Business on 11 October, 2006, and the license gave college the right to perform activities of professional study program in the field of marketing and communications. 

Study programs are developed in accordance with principles set by Bologna Declaration, which is adopted in most parts of Europe and represents a leading program dealing with the need to achieve greater compatibility and comparability in higher education systems. Due to this declaration, the higher education community is able to tell their national Ministers what kind of “European space” for higher education it wants and is willing to promote. Thus, universities and other institutions of higher education can choose to be actors, rather than objects, in these essential times of change.

After successful completion of the Undergraduate Program, students are awarded the professional title of marketing manager or communications manager.

Due to a growing interest for education in the fields of marketing and communications, the first generation of students was enrolled in the program in the 2006-2007 academic year.

It is important to emphasize that Zagreb School of Business is market oriented and funds itself exclusively from student fees and tuitions.

The development strategy of Zagreb School of Business is very ambitious and includes many different goals, activities and plans.

Some of the most important goals are:

  1. to establish a graduate study program in the field of marketing and business communications
  2. to develop international cooperation with different institutions and to ensure new areas of cooperation such as student placements in enterprises, university staff training, and business staff teachings
  3. to develop and implement ideas and gain knowledge in accordance with the ''learning by doing'' principle which includes student involvement in many different sorts of projects in cooperation with the business community, including renowned Croatian and foreign SME’s and larger enterprises
  4. to develop and implement high quality programs, courses and standards
  5. to develop and promote extra-curricular student activities such as establishing student associations, alumni clubs, practical and real-world projects, etc.
  6. to develop and implement international professional gatherings and events such as public lectures, seminars, summer schools, symposia and conferences specialized in marketing and business communication
  7. to develop, support and maintain all kinds of student initiatives and ideas, such as online debates, forums, chats and traditional publications (papers, newsletters, etc.)

Development of international cooperation requires more clarification due to globalization that affected area of education as well as business community.


Developmental aspects are mainly related to the following ideas:

  1. associating and cooperating with business schools from Europe and around the world
  2. exchange of students, teachers and non-teaching staff within several programs
  3. guest lecturers and their participation in study programs
  4. incoming students
  5. participation in international events, projects, conferences, etc.
  6. initiation and development of a summer school program in specially designed educational centres owned by the Open Public University Zagreb and located on the Adriatic coast and established in cooperation with professional organizations and/or institutions from abroad

In all of these projects, Zagreb School of Business welcomes new proposals, critiques, and offers from all well-wishers: experts, business institutions and associations, educational institutions, individual experts and entrepreneurs. Zagreb School of Business is open not only for the exchange of ideas, but also for any kind of proactive cooperation.

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